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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The basic principle of our company is satisfaction and trust of our clients through the fulfillment of their defined requiremnts and expectations regarding quality.

Our goals is to offer our clients services of excellent quality and highest benefit.

For the achievement of this goal we have defined all necessary measures and settings regarding quality management. These form Quality Management System.

The company has defined Critical Control Points and has established Critical Limits for their monitoring so s to control all possible dangers.

Higher general top management commits itself to constant improvement of processes and activities of business through definition and review of quality objectives.

Basic characteristics of Quality Management System are:

  • fulfillment of alla legislative requirements and clients' demands
  • constant improvement of Quality Management System's effectiveness
  • the best management of resources

Each employee is obligated to secure quality in all business' activities. For this reason, there is the commitment that all employees, depending on their responsibilities, should be informed relatively to the quality policy, work and act with proofs according to the defined  rules. Any procedure and action tha does not guarantee fulfillment of the objictives is immediately interrupted by the person respinsible, all causes are being analyzed and the company defines every required measure of improvement.